Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday AM, January 8

Yesterday we met a Rotarian (Tom McCormack). He runs a clinic providing prostheses. We gave a full set of catcher’s gear to a 16 year old ball player that Tom had met and identified as in need of equipment. He was so excited!

Next we were back to the church to do some work with church members because they were on holiday. We had a great time painting and interacting with the people.

They fed us a nice meal of rice, beans, and some beef. We said our goodbyes to the church and city of David and headed east for the 5-6 hour drive back to Paraisio/Panama City.
BTW, we had no problems with the Martyr’s Day holiday. Our team is working together so well and God is protecting us in our work and travels.

Woke up around 630 here in Paraiso (Paradise); it may be pretty close to paradise. I cleaned up some work and recruiting emails before our 830 breakfast. It’s great having wi-fi available in our residence. The residence here is awesome. We are definitely not roughing it. We have three sets of bedrooms, 4 showers, a kitchenette and a large cathedral ceiling meeting room. We have very nice accommodations. I am getting better at trusting God to lead us and give Him my expectations for the day. Our time in David taught me more about giving the Lord my expectations. I shared this during our devotions when we hiked to the bottom of a canyon and went swimming in the river.

Coach Haas

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  1. whoa! swimming...you guys are crazy!! It's 48 degrees outside (was 21 this morning!) here and it gives me the chills! I know you said it was hot there. Disfruta de mis hermanos. (If you don't know what that means, better hit the Google translator or ask that McAlack guy to help you!!)

    We're praying for you guys and are excited to read your posts each day about how God is using you to touch many different folks down there. Keep up the good work! And enjoy every swim you can fit in because after the 53 degree heat wave we have coming here this weekend, we're predicted to have snow and 30 degrees next Wednesday!!

    -Jeff Eubank